What's Bothering Rashi ? - Esther

What's Bothering Rashi ? - Esther

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Author: Avigdor BONCHEK

The multi-faceted words of Rashi contain eye-opening insights into the Book of Esther. In this unique volume, the author takes the reader on a journey deep into the words of Rashi, to uncover the wisdom and truths they contain. In his original, step-by-step style, the author--together with the reader--uncovers each precious word of Rashi's commentary, revealing the layers of intent they conceal. A new dimension to understanding Megillas Esther. Includes the full Megillah reading and brochos. Deepen your joy and understanding of Purim with this fascinating megillah!
Includes full Megillah reading and Brochos.

Feldheim 2004
Hardcover, 146 pages
Dimensions: 24,5 x 17 cm
ISBN: 1583307354 / 9781583307359

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