Let Me Join Your Nation

Let Me Join Your Nation

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Author: Yosef DEUTSCH

The story of Ruth, from Moabite princess to matriarch of the Davidic dynasty.
In Rabbi Yosef Deutsch's skillful hands, the remarkable story of Ruth comes to life as never before. The unique era of the Judges, its grand, narrative sweep; the soul-stirring events and personalities: Elimelech's descent to Moav, Naomi's relationship with her daughters-in-law, Ruth's inspiring transformation from pagan princess to matriarch of the Davidic dynasty; her mysterious marriage to Boaz, planting the seed of Mashiach.
With his trademark storytelling skills, Rabbi Deutsch weaves together teachings from Talmud, Midrash, and other classic sources to create an unparalleled reading and learning experience. Includes Hebrew-English Megillas Ruth.

Feldheim 2012
ISBN: 9781598269536
Hardcover, 195 pages
Dimensions: 24 x 16,5 cm

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