Echoes of the Maggid

Echoes of the Maggid

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Author: Rabbi Paysach J. KROHN

This fifth offering in the popular Maggid Series presents more than a hundred stories, told with Rabbi Krohn’s unique zest and flair, and spiced with morals for everyday life. He tells a story with the sensitivity and warmth of a warm and perceptive human being. In this book, we’ll meet a little boy who spurned toys and chocolate, but wanted a letter that changed his life. A survivor of a slave labor camp who brought scores of orphans back to Jewish life. A great rabbi with the presence of mind to gain his freedom through a code word -- and his reunion with his savior more than forty years later. While this book was being written, the prototype maggid of this half-century, and the beloved mentor of Rabbi Krohn passed away. The voice of the great Rabbi Sholom Schwadron will not be heard again. The book includes an appreciation of Reb Sholom, filled with touching anecdotes that will help keep him alive in our memories. It shows why he made such a powerful impression on so many people -- and why the Maggid Series that he inspired remains so popular.

Artscroll, 1999
Hardcover, 335 pages
Dimensions: 23,5 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 1578192609 / 9781578192601

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