Artscroll Children's Tehillim

Artscroll Children's Tehillim

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Author: Shmuel BLITZ
Illustrations: Tova KATZ

A friend is someone you can always talk to. Someone who comforts you when times are hard and is always there when you need a companion. Sefer Tehillim, the Book of Psalms, is a Jew's closest friend.
Shmuel Blitz now brings our youngsters King David's beloved Book of Psalms, Sefer Tehillim. Working closely with noted rabbis and educators he has carefully chosen a large selection of Psalms whose message children can understand on their own level.
- The Hebrew text of each Psalm - in a large, easy-to-read format, with vowels is designed to help children read by themselves
- An engaging English-language translation adapted for children that brings the words and concepts to life
- Many fascinating "Did You Knows" and "Closer Looks" that enrich and interest young readers (and older ones too!)
- An inspiring introduction by Rabbi Nosson Scherman
- Lively and exciting full-page color illustrations by celebrated children's artist Tova Katz that spark the imagination and make the words almost jump from the page!
The Artscroll Children's Tehillim is a wonderful way to introduce young people to the words of King David, that will remain a faithful companion and a lifelong friend.

Hardcover, 96 pages
Dimensions: 29 x 22 cm
Artscroll / Mesorah, 2011
ISBN: 1422607518 / 9781422607510

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