Reb Moshe

Reb Moshe

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Author: Rabbi Shimon FINKELMAN

Rabbi Finkelman has greatly expanded the original volume with scores of new anecdotes drawn from interviews with people whose lives were touched by the Rosh Yeshivah. It contains new documents and material culled from articles published over the last quarter of a century. Dozens of new photos, many of them never before published, enhance this magnificent volume.
This is a new book in a very real sense. It shines an even sharper light on Reb Moshe's life, his awesome greatness in Torah and superlative character.Reb Moshe was that rarity among human beings: the better one knew him, the more one stood in awe of his spiritual grandeur, his incredible wisdom, his boundless kindness, his unshakable faith.
This book ushers us into his aura of greatness and purity. We want to read it and reread it - again and again, - and share the stories with dear ones. In a world of moral squalor and degraded ethics, we long to touch the great and holy tzaddikim of the past. In this book, we do it! - and we will go away inspired to emulate the life of a humble giant named Rabbi Moshe Feinstein.

Hardcover, 530 pages
Artscroll / Mesorah, 2011
Dimensions: 26 x 18,5 cm
ISBN: 1422610845 / 9781422610848

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