I am I

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Author: Rabbi Abraham J. TWERSKI

A Jewish perspective from the case files of an eminent psychiatrist.

Problems requirimg resolution from a Halachic perspective are frequent, and there is certainly no dearth of dilemmas that should be addressed from a psychological standpoint. But many problems involve both. In this book some of his case material demonstrating an integrated approach to these sometimes thorny issues are made available. Beings convinced that most life-adjustment difficulties are the result of a distorted self-perception, with consequent low self-esteem, Dr. Twerski has prefaced his responses with several chapters on the vital role of a personal identity. It is an invaluable contribution to self-knowledge in the light of Torah and psychology.

Shaar Press, 2009
Hardcover, 236 pa
Dimensions: 23,5 x 16,5 cm
ISBN: 0899064205 / 9780899064208

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