Sabbath: Day Of Eternity

Sabbath: Day Of Eternity

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Author: Rabbi Aryeh KAPLAN

In this work Aryeh Kaplan seeks to answer basic questions about the substance and meaning of Shabbat.

He discusses the connection between Shabbat and belief in God, affirmation of God as Creator of all things. He shows the relation of the Exodus ofEgypt and the coming of the Messiah to Shabbat. He answers the question of why the Shabbat is called by the Gemara a ' taste of the world to come'. And he indicates why the Shabbat is so essential to the Jew's view of the world.

NCSY, 2011
ISBN: 1879016052 / 9781879016057
Paperback, 81 pages.
Dimensions: 21,5 x 14 cm.

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