Artscroll Mesorah Series: Shavuos

Artscroll Mesorah Series: Shavuos

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Author: Rabbi Shimon FINKELMAN

Shavuos, the day when Israel stood at Sinai and heard the 10 Commandments being pronounced by their Giver. Shavuos was the day when Israel became a people in the fullest sense, and it still is, because it is our annual day of rededication to the principles that shaped us.

This book takes us back to those thrilling days at Sinai, as we watched Moses disappear up the mountainside and return with the Divine invitation to accept the Torah. This book is filled with insights that will shed light on familiar observances. Special features of this volume are the Book of Ruth, with the famous ArtScroll translation and marginal notes, and an Overview that sheds light on the deeper perspectives of the festival and what it represents.

Artscroll 2009
Hardcover, 190 pag
Dimensions: 23,5 x 16 cm
ISBN: 0899066259 / 9780899066257

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