Tehillim Treasury

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Author: Rabbi Avrohom Chaim FEUER

Inspirational Messages and Uplifting Interpretations of the Psalms of David.

The Book of Tehillim / Psalms has always been the companion and good friend of the Jew. Rabbi Feuer helps us find psalms for parenting, positive thinking, parnassah, and many of life's challenges. Tehillim will help you grow in your personal relationships, find peace of mind under adversity, and open your heart so you can pray like you've never prayed before. Make this book your key to unlock the greatest treasure of all yourself.

Hardcover, 283 pages
Artscroll / Mesorah, 2009
Dimensions: 23,5 x 1
6 cm
ISBN: 0899064337 / 9780899064338

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